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Denpasar Traditional Market

Right in the centre of Denpasar there are a collection of different markets and the main market which is known as the Badung Market or Pasar Badung. As with all markets the Denpasar Badung Traditional Market is the thriving epicenter the local community and in the administrative capital of the island of Bali where the local people come to shop as well as trade and dine but most importantly for the social and vibrant environment that the markets provide. These markets are a great cultural experience and the size and higgledy nature of the aisles and stalls make the Denpasar Badung Traditional Market without doubt the most impressive and vibrant traditional market of the entire island. You can buy everything from clothes to fruit and vegetables as well as local food and all sorts of silver, gold and other items in the surrounding markets each with a different feeling and atmosphere.

One of these surrounding markets is the Kumbasari Market which is one of the more traditional areas of the market where you will find traditional cloth as well as Balinese costume and a number of other traditional items all of which are interesting. There are Chinese influences visible as well as plenty of traditional house hold items which are being reclaimed into modern tropical living and are available here in full authenticity for very low prices. One of the most enjoyable parts of visiting the Denpasar Badung Traditional Market is haggling and bartering with the locals and laughing and joking with them, take it slowly and enjoy this part of Balinese culture.

Getting to the Denpasar Badung Traditional Market can be tricky if you are trying to find it yourself, Denpasar is full of one way systems and what you see in the maps just never seems to correlate with what you see in front of you. With this in mind it makes a lot more sense to either take a taxi or a hired driver to get there and back or you can visit the market on an organized tour of Denpasar or on a tour specifically to the market.

The Denpasar Badung Traditional Market was opened in 1984 and ever since it’s opening it has been a huge success and had adapted to the modernizations that are slowly changing Denpasar. There are now indoor areas as well as a number of different floors and some excellent chances to enjoy the market culture of Bali. Denpasar Badung Traditional Market only takes around 20 or 30 minutes to reach from Kuta depending on the traffic and the whole experience surrounding a trip into Denpasar is interesting and novel. This is particularly apparent when you embark on a tour of Denpasar and also visit the local museums, temples and art galleries among other areas of interest.

The Denpasar Badung Traditional Market is a great way to inject a heavy dose of culture into a holiday around south Bali without having to travel far or take much time out of your day, there is action in the market 24/7 although early in the morning is the best time to experience the market culture.